RollBack Rx has revolutionized Disaster Recovery by making it quick and easy to restore PC's up-to-the second of a disaster - without any data loss. RollBack Rx is a simple-to-use, cost effective method of recovering from any PC disaster by continuously taking real-time snapshots of your hard disk, and files - providing absolute system disaster recovery.

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A bare metal restore is the process of reformatting a computer from scratch after a catastrophic failure. This process involves replacing a workstations hard drive, reinstalling the operating system and software applications and then, restoring data and settings...

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Schools, Libraries, Hotel business centers and internet cafes are examples of public access computer environments (also known as "Shared Computer Environments"). Administrators of these complex computing environments require unattended PC maintenance - where PC's need to be fully functional with minimal IT intervention.

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RollBack Rx PC

RollBack Rx™client is a robust system restore utility that enables home users and IT professionals to easily restore a PC to a time before certain events occurred.  RollBack Rx makes it easy for users of all skill levels to quickly and easily repair PC issues -  saving time, money and PC trouble. With RollBack Rx you can...

Drive Cloner RX

Drive Cloner Rx can create a complete clone of your PC's hard drive and enable you to easily restore the entire PC in the event of a virus attack or malicious system failure.


Drive Cloner Rx's unique hard drive imaging technology is a quick and easy way to create a full bare metal image of your PC. So, whenever you experience any system disaster such as a failed hard drive; you can easily restore your workstations' functional image onto a replaced hard disk or a new PC.

Absolute Backups 

Drive Cloner Rx's hard drive imaging technology allows users and system administrators to create a complete image backup within seconds. Drive Cloner Rx can perform full system backups, differential backups, and incremental backups.

Drive Vaccine Pc Restore Plus

Drive Vaccine delivers Automated computer maintenance - Ideal for PAC's (Public Access Computer environments), classrooms and internet kiosks... 

Drive Vaccine's protection is invisible; users feel as though they have absolute control of the system. Regardless of what they may attempt to do, including erasing files, installing software or even modifying registry settings, the computers will restore to their configured baseline settings everytime they are restarted, when a user logs-off or one any schedule (daily or weekly). Making the workstations perfectly configured and available for the next user.