RollBack Rx Server Edition


Instantly Restore Enterprise Servers and RAID Systems 

RollBack Rx™Server Edition is a robust Windows Server restore utility that enables IT professionals to easily restore their mission critical systems to a time before certain events occurred.  RollBack Rx Server Edition makes it quick and easy to test updates and service patches with a fail safe approach to system recovery. With RollBack Rx Server Edition you can... 

  roll back software rollback featuresReverse any system crash (even if the Server OS can not boot)
  roll back software rollback featuresBackout of any failed software installations, botched update etc. 
  roll back software rollback featuresReverse deployment errors manually. 
  roll back software rollback featuresAllows administrators to safely test any software prior to deployment
  roll back software rollback featuresAccess control - prevent unauthorized administrator access
  roll back software rollback featuresAutomatically schedule snapshots or hard drive restores
  roll back software rollback featuresDay Zero Disaster Recovery with no data loss 


RollBack Rx Server Edition

The RollBack Rx Server Edition is a software application that is setup onto a server or RAID based system that requires RollBack Rx protection.    The RollBack Rx Server  is the only application that is required to be installed on stand-alone Servers or any RAID based system. 

Servers Continuous Backup Solution

RollBack Rx Server Edition reduces the dependency for daily backups or carrying duplicate images of hard drives. It is different from backups in that it allows you to take continuous backup snapshots of your servers silently in the background while using minimal system resources. Each backup snapshot take only minutes to create.

Server Based Uninstaller

RollBack Rx Server Edition allows administrators to safely test software, security updates, patches and more. When you take a snapshot prior to installing any software or critical update etc. - RollBack Rx Server Edition recognizes how your hard drive is setup prior to the installation/update.  If you are unhappy with the installation you can safely uninstall all components with a few mouse clicks.

Day Zero Protection & Disaster Recovery Solution

RollBack Rx Server Edition is designed to protect both the organization and server from accidental updates, errors and day-zero attacks.  If a virus, malware or even *BSoD occurs – You can restore your servers up-to-the-minute of the crash. With no data loss.  Making RollBack Rx Server Edition the only Day Zero disaster recovery solution that can guarantee no data loss, even if Windows is unbootable.