RollBack Rx PC


Go Back in Time... Instantly Restore PCs In Seconds!

Immediately Recover From Virus Attacks, Malware or any User Error.


RollBack Rx™client is a robust system restore utility that enables home users and IT professionals to easily restore a PC to a time before certain events occurred.  RollBack Rx makes it easy for users of all skill levels to quickly and easily repair PC issues -  saving time, money and PC trouble. With RollBack Rx you can...

  roll back software rollback featuresReverse any system crash (even if Windows can't startup)
  roll back software rollback featuresBackout of any failed software installations, botched update etc. 
  roll back software rollback featuresReverse user errors manually, or set Restore-on-Reboot or Log-off
  roll back software rollback featuresRoll back minutes, hours, or even months.  
  roll back software rollback featuresRoll backwards and forwards to any system snapshot 
  roll back software rollback featuresAllows users to safely test any software. Fast, 100% clean uninstaller
  roll back software rollback featuresRoll-back, yet recover files from your "future" snapshot(s)
  roll back software rollback featuresRetrieve files from a crashed PC, even if Windows can not boot
  roll back software rollback featuresAccess control - prevent unauthorized users from access
  roll back software rollback featuresAutomatically schedule snapshots or hard drive restores
  roll back software rollback featuresDay Zero Disaster Recovery with no data loss
  roll back software rollback featuresGroup Management and Enterprise Network Administration Control 

Have you got some RAID servers too?


RollBack Rx Client

The RollBack Rx client is a software application that is setup onto each PC that requires RollBack Rx protection.    The RollBack Rx Client is the only application that is required to be installed on stand-alone PC's or PC's that do not require remote network management capabilities.  For large networks that require remote administration your organization may use the RollBack Rx Enterprise Console (RMC).

Your Complete Windows System Restore Solution

Windows System Restore can only restore Windows "System Files" and "Some" Program files.  RollBack Rx functions at the sector level of the hard drive and restores every bit of data - in essence making your PC a virtual time-machine.  See how RollBack Rx compares to Windows System Restore

Your Daily Continuous Backup Solution

RollBack Rx reduces the dependancy for daily backups or carrying duplicate images of hard drives. It is different from backups in that it allows you to take continuous backup snapshots of your system silently in the background while using minimal system resources. Each backup snapshot take only 2 to 3 seconds.  Rollback Rx allows users and/or administrators to create a “snapshot” of the entire system at a specific time or on a fixed schedule (hourly, daily etc).  You can take as many snapshots as you would like and you can roll-back and roll-forward from any snapshot at any time...

Your Software Uninstaller

RollBack Rx allows users to safely test software, security updates and more. When you take a snapshot prior to installing any software or critical update etc. - RollBack Rx recognizes how your hard drive is composed at the bit level prior to the installation/update.  If you are unhappy with the installation you can safely uninstall all components with a few mouse clicks.  RollBack Rx guarantees 100% bit level recovery - translating to absolute uninstallation of any software quickly and easily.

Day Zero Protection & Disaster Recovery Solution

RollBack Rx is designed to protect both the user and PC from accidental user errors and day-zero attacks. Without restricting the users’ activities, RollBack Rx will transparently take system snapshots on a schedule that you configure for your system. If a virus, malware or even *BSoD occurs – You can restore your system up-to-the-minute of the system crash. With no data loss.  Making RollBack Rx the only Day Zero disaster recovery solution that can guarantee no data loss, even if Windows is unbootable.

Enterprise Level Network Administration

RollBack Rx offers an additional Enterprise version of RollBack Rx - enabling administrators to configure all of the RollBack Rx client installations over a enterprise level remote management console. Simplifying the workload of the network administrator while providing all client-based functions on a remote console.

RollBack Rx® Highlights

RollBack Rx significantly reduces PC trouble shooting, repairing and restoring time to seconds!  Empowering both home users and enterprise IT support personnel to achieve tremendous savings of time and money on maintaining their computers.

 roll back software rollback featuresRollBack Rx doesn’t impact performance
 roll back software rollback featuresCan be remotely managed and deployed (Enterprise Version)
 roll back software rollback featuresRollBack Rx™ only takes 0.1% of total hard disk space. 
 roll back software rollback featuresSupports virtually unlimited snapshots. 
 roll back software rollback featuresTakes less than 3 seconds to create a new snapshot. 
 roll back software rollback featuresCreates a complete system snapshot without restarting the system. 
 roll back software rollback featuresCreate new snapshots manually, automatically or upon file execution. 
 roll back software rollback featuresRecovers corrupted or deleted files from any snapshots easily and quickly. 
 roll back software rollback featuresRevert file histories from any of the 60,000 snapshots. 
 roll back software rollback featuresRestores a completely crashed system to any snapshot in seconds. 
 roll back software rollback featuresRestores a completely crashed system with data up to the second of crash. 
 roll back software rollback featuresRestores entire system to any of the 60,000 snapshots. 
 roll back software rollback featuresRestores system to any snapshot with data synchronization. 
 roll back software rollback featuresConfigure the system to automatically restore to a snapshot of your choice. 
 roll back software rollback featuresHighly configurable interface - hide program interface from end users. 
 roll back software rollback featuresDynamic disk space management - disk space is recovered upon snapshot deletion. 
 roll back software rollback featuresIntelligent disk space monitoring - informing users of disk space usage of each snapshot. 
 roll back software rollback featuresOffers flexible and powerful access control. 
 roll back software rollback featuresSupports Multi-boot systems and VM Ware.
 roll back software rollback featuresConsists of multi-partition protection selection. 
 roll back software rollback featuresIncorporates quick reset of system baseline. 
 roll back software rollback featuresOffers detailed program operation logging. 
 roll back software rollback featuresSupports all industry standard deployment options. 
 roll back software rollback featuresProvides completely hands-free, silent background installations. 
 roll back software rollback featuresIncludes configuration during installation. Customizes the program upon installation.